Dear Members,

What a crazy, challenging, and ever-changing week it has been.

Every day this past week, I had drafted a member communication piece in the morning. By the afternoon, I wondered if I needed to add anything. By the evening, it was no longer applicable based on new updates. I hope that when you receive this email, the information will be relevant and helpful.

Over the past week, we have tried to fully comply with local, state, and national recommendations and regulations. If we could safely stay open, we wanted the Club to be a place of normalcy, refuge, and recreation for our Members. We had come up with multiple plans and ideas, along with contingency plans by department to try and stay open. On Friday, to be in full compliance with the Governor’s order, we closed the Club.

In regard to the Club measures – on the golf course we have removed all cups, tees, and flagsticks. The cup on each green has been ‘plugged’, so each green is 100% grass with no target to play to. I’m sure you can imagine its nearly impossible to 100% secure our golf course at all times of the day. Based on their smaller acreage and fencing already present, the tennis courts have been easier to secure. We have locked all gates and lowered and tied the nets. Some courts will still be accessible though locked (courts 1-4), so we have kept the nets lowered (rather than remove) to try and prevent skateboarders, groups, gatherings dodgeball type games using the courts. We ask you respect this closure and stay off the golf course and tennis courts. Anyone found on the golf course will be asked to leave and Non-Members will be warned of trespassing charges; Subsequent violators could have memberships suspended when we reopen.

I know there a lot of questions remain about dues, minimums, club operations, events, and future schedule. As a company, our goal was health/safety of our Teammates (employees)/Members and compliance with the order to close our Clubs. I know we all want answers to some basic questions; but I also recognize we are in an unprecedented time and some of our other Clubs and communities have been hit much harder by the Covid19 pandemic. At the same time, things are changing so rapidly, that we want all our information to be accurate. We will send updates as soon as we are certain what the upcoming days might look like.

I’m looking forward to when we are all back together – when we can do what we do best – bringing the BUZZ and creating positive uplifting outcomes for personal experiences and human relationships – the world needs this more than ever now! It’s unfortunate we can’t do it now, but we must protect ourselves, our families, and our community – but know all of your staff care about all of you, and want to be together again soon!
Stay safe…wash your hands…check on your elders!

All the best,

Robin Shelton, CCM, PGA Master Professional
General Manager